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Tamannah To Drop 'Oosaravelli' Collections

With ‘Dookudu’ becoming super hit, efforts are full on to boost ‘Oosaravelli’ so that it crosses ‘Dookudu’. However, if latest reports are to be believed then the chances are that ‘Oosaravelli’s collections will get a dent. And that is primarily due to the heroine of the film Tamannah.

Well, buzz is that Tammu has not resorted to any skin show. If one can recall, the only relief that audience got while watching ‘Badrinath’ was the visual feast of this milky white beauty. But in ‘Oosaravelli’, Tamannah is reportedly covered from top to toe. Unit members reveal the reason for that is her character in the film.

The cine analysts say “If Tamannah’s glamour show is missing then it will surely affect collections in the B, C centers. So, the total burden will be on NTR and his punch dialogues. On the bright side, if Tamannah can excel in her performance, then she will get marks from the family and urban audience which will work as a plus for the film as well. Of course, the prospects of having repeat audiences are always high among mass than the class.” Let us see what happens..


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