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Mahesh vs Venkatesh: The winner is Venky!

Whenever Mahesh Babu and Venkatesh, the soon to be brothers in Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, locked horns at the box office, Venky proved to be the victorious one with Mahesh films failing at the box office. Interestingly on the both the occasions, Venkatesh's films went on to create a new record for highest number of fifty days centers.

Mahesh and Venkatesh films were clashed twice in the past. When Vamsi and Jayam Manadera clashed at the box office, Venky film was successful and Maheash's was a disaster. Later they clashed again with Athidi and Tulasi. And again Venky had the upper hand. Even Venkatesh's films started off with bad talk but went on to become big hits on both the occasions.

Now they are clashing again with Businessman and Bodyguard. Will Venkatesh bag a hat-trick or Mahesh gives a strong reply? As of now Venkatesh is having the advantage of cinema sentiments. But Mahesh's Dookudu is like never before this time!

Punch Dialogues from Venkatesh

Bodyguard is the new film from Venkatesh directed by Gopichand Malineni has the audio release at Shilpa Kala Vedika yesterday. At this function, Bellamkonda Suresh released the new trailers receiving positive response from audience. In the film, Venkatesh plays character of Venkatadri and the punch dialogue goes like this. "Ee Venkatadri ni talachukunte chemata pattuddi, ade pettukunte blood paduddi." Fans are happy hearing this because all the heroes from Mega, Nandamuri, Prince family are mouthing this kind of punch dialogues.

Mahesh babu's Businessman Movie Morning Show Updates

Mahesh Babu much awaited movie Businessman World Premiere show was first held on 12th January at Cineworld Cinemas, Edgelane, Liverpool at 8PM. IST. Businessman Premier Show talk. As we are updating in the early morning that means at 3.30 Am on 13th January we have updated as Mahesh babu's Businessman Morning Show Updates....

Mahesh babu Businessman Premier Show Updates as follows :-

* Titles,Mahesh Babu enter as Surya first dialouge 'MUMBAI ne ucha poinchidanikii Vacha'
* Mahesh enters Mumbai to become a Don of the city.
* Kajal Agarwal enters as daughter of Nazar (Mumbai police)
* Brahmaji is Mahesh Cousin and Utters As ur a Don why ru loving A Police officer Daughter
* Mahesh Babu replies " Only Dons can Satisfy Police families "
* First Fight of the film Dialouges rush like 'nenu kodite elano vuntundi…roundup chesi etc.,
* Mumbai Song ..Rachale Rachalee .. in the meantime few scenes between Kajal Agarwal
and Mahesh babu
* Chandamama Song picturised well . After finishing the song,Mahesh develops his Mafia
group in the city. Kajal hates knwoing the truth and Mahesh convince her... Here comes the
* In Flashback Mahesh's Father along with his families returns from US to serve people in India.Prakash Raj who is a politician here cheats them takes the entire money and kill Mahesh babu's family.
* Here will get the main twist block in the film... as per the sources Pokiri like twist .. Lets Watch this in Theatres.... leave ur comment on
* Climax episode :- Mahesh babu holds Kajal agarwal with a knife to confuse Prakash Raj gang.Later on Mahesh Shoots all of them and utters " Aim for the 11th mile ....Evari maata vinaku manushula maata assalu vinaku anii.." this dialouges is especially for the youth of India.

Glued in for more updates of Mahesh babu Businessman film review,Businessman public talk,Businessman telugu movie morning show updates.... Leave Ur Comment how the movie to be...

Mahesh Babu’s Businessman Movie Full Story

Prince Mahesh Babu Business Man Story:

Tollywood Movie Mahesh babu new film is the business man story, directed by Puri Jaganath, and this business man movie is once again coming from the crime and mafia backdrop. Coming with a tag line guns don’t need agreements, let’s uncover what exactly is the prince Mahesh babu movie The Business man Story. In the current scenario, the underwold is almost extinct and the underworld biggies are cutting down their operations due to various reason etc. you can ascribe all this to Mumbai police in cleaning the underworld concept, mind you, even few police encounter squads have been disbanded since there was hardly any mafia gang acts and all these developments were being observed by an entertainer based out of the south India.
It’s time that all the entrepreneurs across the country are planning to stage a comeback to Mumbai and reinvent their businesses, but this particular south Indian entrepreneur business itself is crime. He researched all the information of various dons who ruled Mumbai including Haji masthan, vardha bai, he finally landed up in Mumbai with an aim to become the biggest gangster ever. This business man believes that there is no right or wrong, good or bad in life. It is all about deals and belives everyone ion life literally lives with deals. Be it wife and husband, gods and devotes, life is nothing but making deals and feels that crime should also be treated like any other business.

Cast:Mahesh Babu, Kajal Agarwal, Prakash Raj, Sayaji Shinde, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Raza Murad, Shweta Bhardwaj, Brahmaji, Jahangir Khan, Bharath Reddy
Direction: Puri Jagannadh

Music :S.Thaman
Production: R R Venkat


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