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Mahesh babu's Businessman Movie Morning Show Updates

Mahesh Babu much awaited movie Businessman World Premiere show was first held on 12th January at Cineworld Cinemas, Edgelane, Liverpool at 8PM. IST. Businessman Premier Show talk. As we are updating in the early morning that means at 3.30 Am on 13th January we have updated as Mahesh babu's Businessman Morning Show Updates....

Mahesh babu Businessman Premier Show Updates as follows :-

* Titles,Mahesh Babu enter as Surya first dialouge 'MUMBAI ne ucha poinchidanikii Vacha'
* Mahesh enters Mumbai to become a Don of the city.
* Kajal Agarwal enters as daughter of Nazar (Mumbai police)
* Brahmaji is Mahesh Cousin and Utters As ur a Don why ru loving A Police officer Daughter
* Mahesh Babu replies " Only Dons can Satisfy Police families "
* First Fight of the film Dialouges rush like 'nenu kodite elano vuntundi…roundup chesi etc.,
* Mumbai Song ..Rachale Rachalee .. in the meantime few scenes between Kajal Agarwal
and Mahesh babu
* Chandamama Song picturised well . After finishing the song,Mahesh develops his Mafia
group in the city. Kajal hates knwoing the truth and Mahesh convince her... Here comes the
* In Flashback Mahesh's Father along with his families returns from US to serve people in India.Prakash Raj who is a politician here cheats them takes the entire money and kill Mahesh babu's family.
* Here will get the main twist block in the film... as per the sources Pokiri like twist .. Lets Watch this in Theatres.... leave ur comment on
* Climax episode :- Mahesh babu holds Kajal agarwal with a knife to confuse Prakash Raj gang.Later on Mahesh Shoots all of them and utters " Aim for the 11th mile ....Evari maata vinaku manushula maata assalu vinaku anii.." this dialouges is especially for the youth of India.

Glued in for more updates of Mahesh babu Businessman film review,Businessman public talk,Businessman telugu movie morning show updates.... Leave Ur Comment how the movie to be...


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