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Panjaa (2011) Telugu Mp3 Songs Free Download
Cast :: Pawan Kalyan,Sarah Jane Dias and Anjali Lavania
Director :: Vishnuvardhan
Music Director :: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Produced By :: Sanghamitra arts and Arks Media arts

02 - Yela Yela

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Rockstar Movie Review

Nargis Fakri marks her debut with Rockstar; She might resemble Katrina Kaif in many ways but in looks and expressions she is far better than what Katrina was in her first few films. Her role required her to be a woman of blithe spirit and the chemistry between both the actors was palpable. She plays a woman Heer Kaul who is about to be married and is not averse to the friendship offered by Janardhan Jakhar. Both of them enjoy all the wild things, freak out and are also conscious about their status and future.

Janardhan doesn't measure upto Heer in any manner, be it education, culture and society and has not yet made a career. The struggling guitarist now as Jordon soon joins the married Heer in Prague and the passion is rekindled. This part of the film has been shot well, the passion between the actors comes alive. But for a moment we wonder if it is Ranbir Kapoor or Emraan Hashmi who's playing the lead because there is lust in the actor's eyes and everytime he sees the girl, he grabs her.

Love could be an undercurrent but passion dominates. The actor's changing look is stunning and goes with the narrative. The director is very crystal clear about what he wants to say about the lead character, i.e., he is restless, impatient, craves for her and doesn't derive the satisfaction of wealth and status without her presence. The first part of the story has been well narrated but only in the latter part it gets flawed, slows down.

Was Heer suffereing from a terminal disease or was she in depression because of her secret affair and role conflict as a wife and lover because of which she sought to consult a psychiatrist? It isn't clear. Plus, the police beating him up, his constant scuffle, the paparazzi and the media bashing is a bit over bearing. Ranbir Kapoor as Rockstar is amazing, it is just not about the role he portarys but how he does it, it isn't about just holding the guitar, one sees a born musician in him.

Screenplay is tad irritating, Rockstar is another love story that is set against a music backdrop. It reminds us of Venkatesh-Revathi's Prema but the end here is again confusing and convoluted. Does the Rockstar go through the curse of hurting Heer as a member in a family puts it or does the pain in his heart bring out a rocking song? The locations in Kashmir, Prague are stunning. All in all, the film rocks in parts before nose-diving irrevocably.

One time watch definitely for Ranbir Kapoor, the terrific screen presence of Ms Nargis Fakhri, and to check out what's in Sadda Haq!

Damadamm! Movie Review

For the first time Himesh decides to act and guess what? There are no smooching scenes. The actor goes for a complete image makeover, cropped hair, an ear ring, complete stubble and a very docile, passive and a reserved look and does everything to get into the character's shoes but when it comes to actually performing he forgets it.

The passion and intensity he shows in romantic scenes which is his forte goes absolutely missing and here he is a plain lifeless human who suffers from a hangover in the second half of the story that forces you to make a sincere plea, Himesh get back to doing what you are best at. Matters are made bad because of the predictable storyline that seems so idealistic, out of place, out of tune and not very today.

Damadamm! is a very simple story of a man who has a live-in girlfriend who is also his colleague at work, very loving, caring, posessive, nagging and finally irritating. When she goes out of station for 15 days, it's freedom time for our man who finds the new girl at work, apparently the boss's sister, very refreshing and perfect material for a girlfriend, obviously she has that one quality and most importantly that one quality a man desires - she allows him his space.

Matters move quickly and he dumps her with the sole reason that she's not his type and he's not willing to change despite her offer to mould herself according to his requirement (sic). Wedding announced and old girlfriend pulls out her next trick on her sleeve, she makes him feel guilty.

It is this point of time the script falters, humour is forced, induced and Himesh makes silly faces to show that he actually loves the new girl that is absolutely unnecssary, from then onwards there is nothing for you to look forward to. One even feels he is ready to return the investment his ex made on the apartment but no..the clichéd run-of-the-mill formula takes over and Himesh struggles to behave like a man who realised his folly.

The confusion in his character reigns till the end making you wonder what about this man that two women are wasting his time over him. Sonal Sehgal is a look alike of Pooja Batra, but has more spunk and talent and is also good-looking. Purbi Joshi is immensely talented and shines over Himesh.

Director Swapna Waghmare led the first half of the story with confidence and required sensitivity but she should have taken cinematic liberty and given the story a different finish by retaining the seriousness in the film. By the time you leave the theatres you only wish Damadamm! didn't end like the senseless and confused Mango number. Outdated treatment this!

Oh My Friend Movie Review

When you are showing a film to establish a point that friendship is possible between a man and a woman, one can do it without emphasising, re-emphasising so much from the first scene to the last, that you would arrive to a conclusion that something is being forced on you which is not actually normal. Venu Sriram shows immense promise but he got carried away by filmi dynamics, making it too dramatic.

The entire last part of the film, where the couple have babies, etc., is not needed at all. To show the level of proximity, Siri (Shruti) addresses him as Falthoos (luckily the filmmaker kept it very decent, in real life we see people (read as man and a woman) using profane language to address each other to show how cool their relationship is) and uses certain words like Sampthu Bidda, Maa Gang Lo Aadinistha Lera..which appears superficial.

For those who have seen Vasantham, Jaane Tu.. Ya Jaane Na or even Iddaru Mitrulu, this one won't surprise. Shruti is the fulcrum of the film, she had no choice but to act this time and she is quite good in her work. The film is an explanation to people who think and believe that a man and a woman can never be friends and by the end of the film does it serve the purpose? There is a beautiful analysis in the last 15 to 20 minutes but again the film remains a film for a film's sake and finally one ends up empathising and agreeing with what Uday (Navdeep) says and feels.

The story is about Siri and Chandu, who love each other, enjoy each other as a person, but not enough to date or marry them. What does this mean? It is absolutely a platonic relationship, there is only love, no sexual attraction. The conflict develops when their respective lovers begin to demand their presence, feel possessive. Ali appears for a brief period and is indeed a great comic relief but for him there was a tendency to wonder why one is being made to sit and listen to their justification that they are friends and not lovers.

Oh My Friend is strictly average, Shruti looks beautiful as a dance teacher, her involvement in her work is very visible. If her combination and rapport, the chemistry with Siddharth brings out this many expressions then one would definitely wouldn't mind seeing more of her on screen with him. Both of them do good work but it is the writing, those extra scenes that go over the top. Screenplay could have been better.

The role given to Hansika was uninteresting, she appears as a bimbette, beautiful but no mind of her own and the hero drools over her for obvious reasons which again makes the viewer forward their bias for Siri and not Chandu. Navdeep is flawless.

A bit outdated story though, you could watch it for the pretty Shruti and talented Siddharth, for whom this role is another extension. Lyrics by Krishna Chaitanya impress and those by Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry overshadow the story. Good music, good performances but overall a pretty average film.

Warrior (2011)

Warrior (2011)

* Release Date: 09/09/2011

* Rating: PG13

* Runtime: 2 hr 19 mins

* Genre: Action, Drama

* Director: Gavin O’Connor

* Cast: Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy, Jennifer Morrison, Frank Grillo

Movie Review:

By Thomas Leupp

Gavin O’Connor’s (Miracle, Pride and Glory) stirring new drama Warrior is an underdog tale set in the nascent sport of Mixed Martial Arts fighting. In its relatively short life, MMA has yet to inspire much quality cinema of note. It now has its Rocky.

Warrior’s twist on the traditional underdog formula is to provide us with dual protagonists: the fightin’ Conlon brothers, Brendan (Joel Edgerton) and Tommy (Tom Hardy). Neither have spoken to each other since the dissolution of the parents’ marriage fourteen years earlier. Both of late have fallen on hard times. Tommy is an Iraq war veteran who has turned to pills and booze since returning from abroad; Brendan is a high school science teacher and devoted family man victimized by the financial crisis. Circumstances compel them both to seek salvation in the fight game.

Conveniently enough, the opportunity of a lifetime arrives in the form of Sparta, a brand-new, winner-take-all MMA tournament that awards its champion a cool $5 million – more than enough for Brendan to save his house from foreclosure, or for Tommy to make good on his pledge to provide for the family of a friend killed in Iraq. By this point, we know for certain that fate has determined Brendan and Tommy will meet in the final, and we know for certain how utterly ridiculous this scenario is. And yet we accept it, because by this point, Warrior already has us in its corner.

The origins of the brothers’ enmity are ultimately traced to their father, Paddy (Nick Nolte), a monstrous alcoholic whose abusiveness led their mother and Tommy to flee fourteen years prior. Brendan stayed behind, and Tommy never forgave him for it. When we see Paddy, he’s broken-down husk of a man, God-fearing and 1000 days sober, his face creased with shame and regret. Neither son can stand the sight of their old man, but Tommy, in need of someone to train him for the tournament, reluctantly enlists his father’s help. Paddy, eyeing a last chance at redemption, enthusiastically complies.

Cue the training montage. A fighter rising from obscurity to the upper echelons in his sport within a matter of weeks is hard to swallow; when two fighters do it, it’s a borderline insult to the sport. MMA aficionados might blanch at watching Tommy and Brendan gain one unlikely win after another; more likely they’ll be too absorbed by the action to care. It helps that Hardy and Edgerton both look the part, and are both skilled enough at their craft to lend the film’s many brutal fight scenes a distinct realism. It helps even more that the story, and the actors’ stellar performances, have us firmly aligned with their goals.

O’Conner, a veteran of the genre, deploys the underdog tropes at his disposal freely but assiduously, crafting a tale that is unabashedly far-fetched but grounded in characters who are intensely appealing, and who feel authentic. The storytelling is clumsy at times – that Nolte’s character listens to a book-on-tape of Moby Dick throughout the film feels particularly heavy-handed – but Warrior wisely steers clear of bombastic speeches or cloying sentiment.

Warrior’s climactic final fight, in which the estranged brothers at last meet in the ring, is both gut- and heart-wrenching. When the film’s suitably happy ending does eventually arrive, the film gives way ever-so-briefly to hokeyness. But after what these kids have gone through, you can forgive them for getting a little emotional.

Mogudu Movie Review

Mogudu Movie Review

Banner: Laxmi Narasimha Productions

Cast-Gopichand, Tapsee, Shradha das, Roja,Naresh,Rajendra Prasad etc…

Music Director: Babu Shankar

Lyrics: Sitarama Satri, Suddala Ashok Teja, Ramajogaiah Sastri

Producer-Nallamalapu Bujji

Direction-krishna vamsi

Release Date: 04-11-2011


Gopichand’s latest movie Mogudu is going to hit the theatres on November 4th. Tapsee and shradha das are doing female leads. After his wanted movie’s disappointment Gopichand pinned high hopes on the movie.

Veteran actors Rajendra Prasad and Roja and Naresh are essaying vital roles in the movie. Babu Shankar debut in to the industry through this movie as music director. Mogudu is touted to be family entertainer.

Story revolves about Mogudu who is a husband. Every person who marries couldn’t be a husband. He will be fulfills that position when he bare his responsibilities and having better understanding with his partner.

Krishna vamsi says this would be good movie in Gopichand’s career and surely he will capture aucience with his action. Makers are confident about movie’s success.

7th Sense Movie Review

Banner: Laxmi Ganapathi Films
Udhayanidhi Stalin Presents
Cinematography: Ravi K. Chandran
Editing : Anthony
Music : Harris Jayaraj
Directed and Written: A. R. Murugadoss
Produced : Udhayanidhi Stalin
Release date: 26 October 2011

Cast: Suriya,Shruti Haasan,Johnny Tri Nguyen, etc…

Seventh Sense Movie created sensation the moment it was announced. ’Ghajini’ pair Surya and Murugadoss combined together after a long gap of seven years and are planning to break their own records. Harris Jayaraj who is creating ripples in the film circuit tuned music for the film. The audio was launched in a grand manner couple of days back and let’s have a look on whether it rose up to the expectations of the listeners.

Music Review:

Oh Ringa Ringa………..
Artist(s) : Benny, Suchitra

Don’t go by tollywood hit ‘Ringa Ringa’ in AlluArjun’s Arya-2.This song will drive youth crazy and though one may not give much importance to lyrics in any of the fast paced songs the song symbolizes the significance of friendship in life. If anyone is familiar with kollywood music some may be remembered of other similar songs 3-4years back and also of music rendered by Harris Jayaraj in his earlier tamil films.

Mutyala Dhaarani……….
Artist(s) : Karthik, Megha

Melody lovers will really love this song along with people who are in love.Karthik and Megha added special flavor to the song with their sweet voice.

Artist(s) : Vijay Prakash, Karthik, Shalini, Reeta

The song ‘Yellelama’ is a fast paced song with the words ‘Sirisha’ ringing in the minds of people. One may be reminded of the song ‘Sirisha’ song in Ragada but there’s no comparison at all. The singers did a good job.

Amma Amma……………….
Artist(s): SP Balasubrahmanyam,Swetha Mohan

This is a slow melancholic song by SPB .Harris Jayaraj’s music gives flashes of ilayaraja’s compositions.Telugu wordings in the song gives us impression that they have added only not to change the meaning of the original version. It is not anyone’s fault if they remember hit Yesudas’s masterpiece in Kamal,Sridevi starrer Kanne Kalaimane’ song in ‘Moondram Pirai’ or ‘Kathaga Kalpanaga’ in Vasantha Kokila in telugu though it comes no where near it.

Endukanta Joda………
Artist(s) : Balram, Naresh Iyer, Suchith Suresan

This is an inspirational song that tells the significance of friend in need coupled with hard work. The picturisation of the song and the situation is important for this song to attract viewers. It may not appeal to audience while listening but one has to remember ‘Ekku Toli Mettu’ in Rajanikanth’s ‘Narasimha’ before judging it.

The Rise of Damo (Mandarin)……..
Artist(s) : Hao Wang,Sunitha Sarathy

The much talked Chinese song is here for you and in an instance one can hear ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ tunes. It’s a soothing song with Sunitha Sarathy in telugu and Hao Wang in Chinese. Indian film industry especially tollywood is known to include words of other languages in its songs but this is the first time they included foreign lyrics. Who knows they may want to capture Chinese market!

Overall the music is sure to create a sensation and Harris Jayaraj knows the pulse of the present generation to deliver tunes touching their heart. The album exemplifies Haris Jayaraj’s confidence in his talent as all the songs are of long durations with around 5 minutes but no where one gets bored or turning off or switching over to next song. The album has all songs like fast beat for parties, melodies for lovers and what more one can expect.

Bejawada Movie Review

Shreya Productions
Editor: Goutham Raju
Music : Amar Mohile,Bapi Tutu,Dharam-Sandeep,Vikram Negi,Vishal
Art: Krishna Maya
Writer : Vivek Krishna
Stunts: Azad javed
Production Designer Kishore
Producer : Kiran Kumar Koneru,Ram Gopal Varma
Director : Vivek Krishna

Star Cast: Naga Chaitanya,Amala Paul, Pradhu, Mukul Dev, Abhimanyu Singh, Ajay, Kota Srinivasan Rao, Ahuti Prasad, Satya Prakash,Bramanandam,Anjana Sukhani etc…


Naga Chaitanya starrer Bejawada that was supposed to hit the screens on October 21st for Diwali is likely to be postponed to November as per the sources buzz.

The unit has currently moved to Switzerland for canning a couple of songs on the lead pair Naga Chaitanya and Amala Paul. Major part of the film was shot in Vijayawada and Hyderabad. Bejawada is taking shape in the hands of first-timer Vivek Krishna while Ram Gopal Varma and Kiran Kumar Koneru are jointly producing it under the banner of Shreya Productions.

Bejawada has been the most controversial film right from the announcement and RGV has recently changed its title to come out of these controversies. Nevertheless, the film has earned enough publicity with these issues turning out as one of the awaited films of the season.

Bejawada Movie is a controversial project of Ram Gopal Verma since the movie potrays the Vijayawada city as a hub of criminals and gang wars and this could spoil the image of the city which is already facing problems in terms of infrastructure development. Actual story of the movie still not known.

Oh My Friend Movie Hyderabad Theaters List | Nizam Theaters List

Oh My Friend Movie Review

Banner: Sri Venkateswara Creations

Music: Rahul Raj

Producer: Raju ( Sri Venkateswara Creations)

Director: Venu Sriram

Cast: Siddarth,Sruthi Hasan,Hansica Motwani,Navdeep,Brahmanandam, etc…

Movie Review:

Siddharth, Shruti Haasan, Hansika, Navdeep starrer Oh My Friend has completed the censor formalities on 8th November and has bagged Clean U certificate. Oh My Friend is gearing up for its release on 11th November 2011.

Siddharth will be seen as Singer while Navdeep as software engineer. The story is based on friendship and love. Oh My Friend is directed by a debutant Venu Sriram and produced by Dil Raju on Sri Venkateswara Creations banner. Rahul Raj composed the tunes and Mani Sharma provided the background score. Vijay K Chakravarthy handled the cinematography.

Dil Raju and Siddharth are pretty confident on Oh My Friend and are hoping that the film repeats Bommarillu magic at the Box-Office.

Rajanna movie review

                                   Movie Name:Rajanna

Cast & Crew: Akkineni Nagarjuna,Sneha etc…

Studio: Annapurna Studios

Written : Vijayendra Prasad

Music : M.M Keeravani.

Director : Vijayendra Prasad,S.S Rajamouli

Release date(s): September 30, 2011 (2011-09-30)

Movie Review:

Rajanna is an upcoming Indian Telugu film starring Akkineni Nagarjuna and Sneha in the lead. It will be directed by noted story writer Vijayendra Prasad, father of S.S. Rajamouli. The shooting started on September 13, 2010. It is slated to release in 2011.

It was announced in 2010 that Akkineni Nagarjuna would do a film under Vijayendra Prasad’s direction and it was titled as ‘Rajanna’.It is rumored that S.S. Rajamouli will choreograph the action squences of the film. The film, it is learnt, is based on the Razakar Movement. Later Sneha was roped in to play the female lead for this movie.It is their second film together after Sri Ramadasu.

We do notice statues of local heroes when we visit villages in Andhra Pradesh. Few of these statues belong to neither politicians nor well-known freedom fighters. These statues are of unsung heroes who fought for their freedom and for their land. One such local hero is Suddala Hanumanthu (father of national award winning film lyricist Suddala Ashok Teja). He is a poet from Nalgonda region who fought against Rajakars to save the land of his village-men.

As per the sources of, story of Nagarjuna’s forthcoming film Rajanna is based on the life story of Suddala Hanumanthu and is about the revolution he led to oppose the oppression by the Rajakars in the post-independence era when Hyderabad’s Nizam state was yet to join the Union of India. The time period during which the story happens is 1950’s and 1960’s.

Vijayendra Prasad who had been the backbone of many of SS Rajamouli’s successes is wielding megaphone for this movie. Impressed with the unique content, the producer Supriya Yarlagadda is producing this movie on big scale with lot of rich sets on her prestigious Annapurna Studios banner.

There have been rumors spread in media that this film is on Telangana movement. But it is not true. The producer has taken a few incidents that happened in Nizam rebellion time and used the Razakar movements as the backdrop. The story is about a man fighting for the land and fighting for the people

The Business Man New Look

Prince Mahesh Babu is currently busy with the shooting of his new movie The Businessman. As mentioned before, the film is slated for a release on January 12th, 2012. Now, the update is that the film has reached the dubbing stage and this would commence from November 15th onwards at the famous Shabdalaya studios. This is being directed by Puri Jagannadh while the producer is R R Movies Venkat. Thaman is scoring the music for this one.

Dookudu All Time Records(This is the Record!!)

sabash punch padagane profession cheppasav avunu    POLCE.....

  Nizam : 3rd day: 1.3 crores ; Total 3 days : 4.5 crores 

Guntur : 1st day 84 lks , 2nd day 46 lks , 3rd day 56 lks – Total: 1.86 crores

East Godavari : 3 days – 88 Lakhs Gross 1.02 cr

West Godavari : 3 days – 86 Lakhs

Krishna : 1st day 44.3 ; 2nd day 23 ; 3rd day: 27.50 lks ; Total 3 days – 94.8 Lakhs

Kadapa : 3 days share – 72 Lakhs

Kurnool : 3 days gross – 26.44 lks

Ananthapur : 1st day 14.32 lks , 2nd day 5.7 lks , 3rd day 7.70 lks – Total 27.72 lks.

Tenali : 3 days – 20 lks.. Expecting 28 – 30 lks first week (prvs first week record – simha 20 lkhs)

Kakinada : 1st day 8.65 lks , 2nd day 7.10 lks , 3rd day 7 lks – Total: 21 lkhs ( All records Broken in Kakinada )

Rajamouli To Work With Mahesh Babu

Blockbuster director S S Rajamouli might work with Mahesh Babu and this is what excitedly conveys to his fans!

Saying that he met Mahesh Babu after 2 years, Rajamouli says he has come to a strategic agreement of working with Mahesh. Though it is still a seed stage, the project will take a lot of time take shape.

One thing that is assured is, the 'Magadheera' director will definitely work with the 'Pokiri' star. As of now Mahesh Babu is busy finishing his formalities for his movie with Trivikram. He will start his next movie with Seenu Vytla and also work for a movie with Sukumar besides shooting simultaneously for Surender Reddy's 'Mr.Perfect'.

All you Mahesh fans, wait for the magic to work when he starts working with blockbuster director Rajamouli!

The Business Man Trailer

                The Business Man Trailer Free Download

Balakrishna clarifies on his comment against Ram Charan Teja

Balakrishna, who almost landed in trouble by commenting against Ram Charan Teja, has clarified his statement. The Simha star said that it was not aimed against the young actor and it was wrongly understood by a section of media.The veteran actor said that he is a close friend of Chiranjeevi and he will never air anything against his family. In a bid to end the controversy, the actor clarified that it was not targeted towards Read More
Ram Charan Teja but it was against those,.....

Ram Charan, Allu Arjun finally together on screen

After the Mahesh Babu-Venkatesh pairing in a film, yet another interesting combo is in the pipeline. The much-awaited pair - Ram Charan Tej and Allu Arjun - are finally going to act together in a film.

The credit for doing the spade work for both these films goes to producer Dil Raju. The Charan-Arjun combination film is being touted as an entertainer with loads of action. The film will be directed by Paidipalli Vamsi and Ram Charan will take on the film as soon as he completes his V Vinayak project. "Allu Arjun will be playing a small role in this film," reveals Dil Raju.

Venky’s Savitri logo first look!

Victory Venkatesh’s new film Savitri was launched recently at Ramanaidu Studios in Vizag. The regular shooting of the film will commence from 12th March. Trisha has been roped in as the leading lady in the film.

Teja, director of Savitri informs that the film is heroine oriented subject. Suresh Babu is producing the film under the banner Suresh Productions. There is also a strong buzz making in Tollywood circles that Savitri is being made with an approximate budget of 40 Crores which is highest in Venky’s career till date. Well, the news can be clarified only by Savitri makers.
Tags and Links :Film News:Victory Venkatesh’s new film Savitri was launched recently at Ramanaidu Studios in Vizag. The regular shooting of the film will commence from 12th March.

Brahmanandam spoof photos

Sri Ramarajyam Out Standing Photos

Rana Naa Ishtam logo and first look

Daggubati Rana is coming up with a romantic action film Naa Ishtam after testing his luck with two different types of films. He is paired up Genelia in this movie and it is directed by debutante Prakash Toleti. Naa Ishtam logo and first look were revealed by Rana himself.

Rana is very confident over the success of this film. Rana didn’t try to showcase himself as a commercial hero in his first two films. But this time he is trying out all the commercial elements and is hoping that this film would take him close to the masses.

Rana also has Department movie in Hindi which is likely to be dubbed in Telugu. Ram Gopal Varma is banking on Rana’s strengths for that film. Naa Ishtam will release in January.

Logic or Cheating

                Chennai to Bangalore = 350 kms

 Bangalore to Chennai = 350 kms

                   Ground Floor to 15th Floor = 15 floors

                      15th Floor to Ground Floor = 15 floors


                         Monday to friday = 5 days

                                 friday to Monday = 2 days

                                                            This is cheating!!! 

Venky Bodyguard @ A Blockbuster!

Music Director Thaman is on a high after the success of his recent release 'Dookudu', and looking at the developments he is likely to score another huge success at the Box Office very soon. The film we are talking about is Venkatesh's 'Bodyguard. Thaman is in all praise for the outcome of the film.
"Watched 'Bodyguard' today it's fantastic and very positive. It's defenitely will be a super success in all classes and thanks to Gopichand Malineni for giving me lot of scope for Re-recording," said Thaman.

"Watched 'Bodyguard' again the chemistry between Venkatesh Gaaru & Trisha is rocking guys surely a winner again job well done :) It will be super success, great performance trisha soopperb jus Luvvd it ! :)," he added.

We are aware that the film is a remake of Malayalam hit and it has already proved success in three Industries(Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi). Now, looking at the gut feeling Thaman have on 'Bodyguard', we can believe that a blockbuster is written all over it!!

The Buisness Man Extraordinary Dialogues......

1- mundu money gurinchi matladata,, tarvata deal gurinchi matladata.........

2-Naato deal lo unnappudu left right kadura chusukovalsindi.,, chetilo gun undo ledo....chusukovali...

3-evadra na business style gurinchi matlade magadu, na business style anta,,

4-ye mera style hai,, ee mera danda hai.

5-visiting card ivvadaniki nenu chesedi eamaina corporate joba ra, kavalante cheppu rendu bullets ni body ki ista unchuko....