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Damadamm! Movie Review

For the first time Himesh decides to act and guess what? There are no smooching scenes. The actor goes for a complete image makeover, cropped hair, an ear ring, complete stubble and a very docile, passive and a reserved look and does everything to get into the character's shoes but when it comes to actually performing he forgets it.

The passion and intensity he shows in romantic scenes which is his forte goes absolutely missing and here he is a plain lifeless human who suffers from a hangover in the second half of the story that forces you to make a sincere plea, Himesh get back to doing what you are best at. Matters are made bad because of the predictable storyline that seems so idealistic, out of place, out of tune and not very today.

Damadamm! is a very simple story of a man who has a live-in girlfriend who is also his colleague at work, very loving, caring, posessive, nagging and finally irritating. When she goes out of station for 15 days, it's freedom time for our man who finds the new girl at work, apparently the boss's sister, very refreshing and perfect material for a girlfriend, obviously she has that one quality and most importantly that one quality a man desires - she allows him his space.

Matters move quickly and he dumps her with the sole reason that she's not his type and he's not willing to change despite her offer to mould herself according to his requirement (sic). Wedding announced and old girlfriend pulls out her next trick on her sleeve, she makes him feel guilty.

It is this point of time the script falters, humour is forced, induced and Himesh makes silly faces to show that he actually loves the new girl that is absolutely unnecssary, from then onwards there is nothing for you to look forward to. One even feels he is ready to return the investment his ex made on the apartment but no..the clichéd run-of-the-mill formula takes over and Himesh struggles to behave like a man who realised his folly.

The confusion in his character reigns till the end making you wonder what about this man that two women are wasting his time over him. Sonal Sehgal is a look alike of Pooja Batra, but has more spunk and talent and is also good-looking. Purbi Joshi is immensely talented and shines over Himesh.

Director Swapna Waghmare led the first half of the story with confidence and required sensitivity but she should have taken cinematic liberty and given the story a different finish by retaining the seriousness in the film. By the time you leave the theatres you only wish Damadamm! didn't end like the senseless and confused Mango number. Outdated treatment this!


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