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James Cameron on ‘Avatar,’ ‘Titanic,’ Cleopatra and the Future of 3-D

Nearly a year after his movie “Avatar” broke box-office records and opened up a floodgate of big-budget 3-D features, James Cameron is still very much immersed in his budding science-fiction franchise and the medium of 3-D filmmaking. On Nov. 16 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will release a special extended collector’s edition of “Avatar” on DVD and Blu-ray, including a longer cut of the film and nearly an hour of deleted scenes, among other bonus features.

But Mr. Cameron would not be the director who once declared himself the king of the world if his ambitions ended there.

He is also preparing a 3-D release of his 1997 blockbuster “Titanic” – now merely the second highest-grossing film of all time, after “Avatar” — to be released in 2012, while he weighs his choices for his next directing gig. His checklist includes a possible “Avatar” sequel and a 3-D film about the Egyptian monarch Cleopatra that might star Angelina Jolie. At the same time Mr. Cameron has been keeping a careful eye on the increasing use of 3-D in Hollywood, and is hardly shy about discussing who he thinks is doing right and who’s doing it wrong.

Mr. Cameron spoke recently to ArtsBeat about “Avatar”s past and present, as well as his future plans. These are excerpts from that conversation. 


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